How do I get access to the Hotspot?
You should get a userid and password when you do your checkin in the Cutre Shop.
Passwords are changed every Monday morning. Be sure to stop by the CUTRE Shop on Sunday to get the new password.

What are the download and upload speeds?
Each user has a maximum download speed of 20 mpbs and an upload speed of 5 mpbs. The speed will depend on the strength of the signal, the distance to the antenna and the number of concurrent users on the HotSpot.

How many devices can I connect simultaneously with my username/password?
Only FOUR. If you wish to use another device, you can logoff going to in your browser and select the Logoff option.

I connect to the wifi, but I can't access the Internet.
In some devices, the login screen will not appear automatically when you connect to the Wifi. Go to your browser and access any site or go to , the login screen should appear where you can enter your userid and password.

Where else can I use my userid/password?.
Besides the Hostal, you may use your userid in the following places:

- Cutre Shop
- Restaurante El Viento

If you have any questions, you may fill out the following form, and we will try to get back to you as soon as posible.

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